Customer Relationship Management / CRM


The rubecon.CRM provides coordination and control over customer activity in sales. The focus is placed on planning and tracing of appointments and the related tasks.

The full integration into the already existing cockpit architecture allows the rubecon.CRM to be highly flexible, configurable and user-friendly.

The embedded rubecon.DMS allws for appointment-specific storage of documents. Documents may also be generated automatically on the basis of templates. Appointments from Microsoft Exchange can be linked to the hd-druckdialog using the rubecon.CRM making them available for statistics.


  • Plan and track customer appointments
  • Creation of appointment suggestions for a continuous customer contact
  • Task planning and tracking
  • Creation of notes
  • Creation of template based  and preset visit reports
  • Integrated todo-lists for your employees
  • Overview of the tasks of your coworkers



  • Deep integration into our MIS hd-druckdialog
  • Integration of rubecon.DMS
  • Integration of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
  • Highly customizable through our rubecon cockpit technologies