Document-Management-System / DMS


Having to search for documents, not finding them, and sometimes even recreating lost ones is expensive. rubecon.DMS prevents those problems.

It enables the user to save all internal documents of the hd-druckdialog, as well as any external documents and files like samples, scanned documents or e-mails centralized in the rubecon.DMS. Documents which are created out of the MIS are automatically saved with the right context.


  • Documents are saved centralized in your database
  • Context sensitive save of your documents
  • Provides manual and decentralized document management
  • Easy to use



  • Fully integrated to our MIS solition hd-druckdialog
  • Automated display of documents in current context of the system
  • Documents which are created (printed) out of our SmartClient, are automatically saved in the correct context
  • Save e-mails of MS Outlook via drag and drop
  • Integrated in rubecon.Mobile
  • A Searchservice is available, so it provides the possability to search through third party applications
  • Save documents using drag and drop right in your current context