Production planning

The production planning tool hd-dispoNT increases the efficiency of your production planning and control, optimizes the machine utilization and gives you an overview of the current status of your machines and running orders. Changes are instantly visible, which allows you to react immediately.

Data from order calculation and material management is automatically transferred for use in the planning tool.



  • Planer and viewer functionalities (with assignment to cost centers)
  • Multi-client capability
  • Cost center and work processes are individually configurable
  • Active connection to machine data collection and production data collection
  • Appointment planning
  • Capacity overview of all managed cost center
  • Job tracking
  • Display of cost center availability
  • Variable visualization of similar production methods
  • Status of jobs are always available
  • Plan your working processes user friendly via drag & drop
  • Splitting working times of working processes
  • Working times are configurable
  • Configurable waiting times between leading and following cost centers
  • Huge amount of filtering options
  • Individual coloring options customizable



  • Planning of multiple planners possible
  • Plannable offers
  • Set-up time optimization through block building
  • Simulation mode for visualization of planning
  • Individual Reports done with crystal report engine can be integrated
  • Availability check of material for planned jobs available with one click.